Defective Monk – Ruled x 6

Defective Monk introducing a brand new studio release: Ruled x 6

February 2021 – Defective Monk is a band with a focus on creating raw and unadulterated heavy metal music. Their sound sports some classic influences, bridging the gaps between classic artists such as Judas Priest, as well as Iron Maiden, Saxon, and other classic heroes. However, there is also a more modern approach to Defective Monk’s sound, reminiscent of modern stalwarts of the metal scene such as Five Fingers Death Punch, Ministry, or Rob Zombie. Their most recent single, Ruled x 6, happens to be the very first track from the band’s forthcoming studio album, “SiN MiNiSTeR,” whose songs actually focus on the topic of the 7 deadly sins, as described in the tenets of the Christian religion. Ruled x 6 is a really one-of-a-kind example of how this album is incredibly well-produced and aggressive, highlighting the unique features of Defective Monk’s sound. From the massive walls of the guitars, down to the relentless rhythm sections, anything goes.

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