DeadLast – Rap Bars

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Rap Bars’ by the talented DeadLast:

I came up with the name DeadLast due to the fact that the word and name Loser exists.
It’s also a play on words. Like how a race horse that is injured and becomes lame will be killed due to it coming in last.

Also the word play ” To beat a dead horse ” also having the meaning of being needless.
The horse that always comes in last in the end shall be beat or shot to death.
But if the horse that comes in last is pale and is named Pestilence with Death as its rider,
it becomes un beatable.

We now name this horse Apocalypse. I shall ride this undead horse we name Apocalypse in honour of all the losers whom were beaten or shot to death for I have become, DeadLast.