Day Underscore – SOTOS i

Day Underscore has unveiled a new studio EP: “SOTOS” Vol.1

May 2022 – Day Underscore is a singer and songwriter who makes music based on a distinctive and diverse formula, which involves catchy and nuanced instrumentals merging with lyrics that are impactful and personal. The artist is now back with a new EP named “SOTOS,” volume one. This release is a perfect example of what it means to bring the spark of originality to the modern hip-hop community. The EP features 5 songs that explore a wide range of styles, including the incredibly mesmerizing opener, “The Gain Loss.” The second track, “Onlyz” is built on a beautiful arpeggiated synth melody and a trap-inspired beat revealing some modern hip-hop influences. “Kerosene” is just as punchy and hard-hitting, with some unique glitchy sounds and some of the most groove-driven rhythms on the entire EP. “Nosebleed” is different, as it explores a more melodic side instead, showcasing the artist’s versatility. Last, but not least, “You (Without)” is also more melodic, and it serves as a perfect outro song with its atmospheric vibe.

While the sound of the EP is arguably tied to the rap genre, it is also not “just another” from the pile. It stands out due to the artist’s one-of-a-kind take on creating music that means something deeper than the usual lyrical cliches, while still retaining the fun and catchy side of this genre as well.

Find out more about Day Underscore, and listen to the first volume of “SOTOS”. This new studio work is now available on some of the best digital music streaming services on the web today.