David Tribble – Feathers

Fort Worth Tx singer-songwriter, David Tribble, a former Middle School teacher, undoubtedly has soul behind his craft.

“David’s music comes across as humble, rich with emotion and honesty, and there is a haunting quality to his songs.” -Americana Highways.

Spanning the Folk, Indie and Americana genres, and whether performing solo or with his band, he draws the listener in with a raspy telling about the challenges and victories from his own journey of starts and stops along the way, as heard on his new album, “Golden Junk”, out now!

Located in the Magnolia district of Fort Worth TX, and only a few blocks away from Leon Bridge’s old house, where he lived as he was coming up, I knew of an old red brick church that I had visited when I was leading songs for a small congregation of families that would meet there at 4pm on Sundays. That time was a bit odd at first, but if you are a church goer with a family, it can be a lot to get everyone ready and out the door early in the morning, plus they met after the Sunday nap time.

The first thing I noticed was the crimson red carpet and the blue stained glass windows. It still had the lingering musty smell of “old ” and there were rows & rows of padded pews, much like the church I grew up in. I remember having to clear the stage and I even took down a dusty old Christmas banner from off the back wall. I guess they missed that one.
I met Dan, I call him DJ, who is my distributor and Publish admin, and on this day also my videographer. He set up and we decided to keep things very simple for this video and just let the church’s nostalgia and tradition drive the emotion of the video. It’s a song about running the race but with the power of God and his spirit of encouragement lifting us up. It was inspired by a verse in the Bible, Isaiah 40:31.

I’ve played this song in bars, festivals, coffee houses, church houses and even peoples backyards, and I hope it finds its way into the houses and hearts of many.

Video filmed By Dan Dugan of Smith Music
Edited by Marcus Buckner at Marken Media Co.
Filmed in Fort Worth TX.

Song: Feathers (Radio Edit)
Distribution: Smith Music
Recorded & mixed by Tribe & King (Ben Defibagh) Buleson TX
Producer: Tribe & King (Ben Defibaugh)
Songwriter: David Tribble
Guitar and vocals: David Tribble
Keys: Jake Kerley
Electric: Ben Deifibagh
BGV’s: Ben Defibaugh, David Tribble