David Sirias – Penetrate Me Look

David Sirias - Penetrate Me Look

David Sirias introducing new single: “Penetrate Me Look.”

September 2020 – David Sirias is an artist and songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. He specializes in making music that is quite unpredictable and hard to categorize, tipping the hat off to a wide variety of influences. From pop, to indie, and even metal, anything goes!

His most recent studio single is a track named “Penetrate Me Look,” and it features a distinctive experimental sound with an industrial vibe. I love the fuzzy bass sound that defines the intro, as well as the distinctive percussion elements. The vocals have a unique sound, with a lush and somewhat dark tone that makes me think of artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Dead Rituals, or Thot, only to mention but a few other artists out there. This new song is a great example of how experimental music can actually be quite catchy and easy to relate to for a very broad audience. The sound of this song is going to be right up your alley if you like alternative, dark-wave, post-punk and industrial with an added twist.

Find out more about David Sirias, and do not miss out on “Penetrate Me Look,” which is currently available on the web.