Dave Donatelli – Looks Like Rain

Dave Donatelli has recently announced a new release: “Looks Like Rain”

January 2023 – Dave Donatelli is back on the scene with a brand new release named “Looks Like Rain”, which sets the bar quite high in terms of production and artistry alike.

“Looks Like Rain” could be compared to the work of artists like Bob Seeger, Jason Alden, Garth Brooks, and The Eagles, and there is something really special about how Dave managed to create a balanced and incredibly diverse sound inspired by a huge range of styles, including contemporary country and old-school Americana among others. While the sound of Dave’s music is quite timeless, they it also offer so much in terms of personality and creativty, and there is a distinctive feel that makes the artist’s formula so utterly special and one-of-a-kind.

Find out more about Dave Donatelli and listen to “Looks Like Rain”, which is currently available on some of the very best digital streaming services out there.