Dave Donatelli – Friday Night Lights

Dave Donatelli is back with a brand new release: Friday Night Lights.

January 2022 – Dave Donatelli is a singer and songwriter based in California. His sound is a distinctive combination of country-inspired melodies and rock energy, going for a truly unique formula. At the end of the day, he is a true storyteller at heart, and his most recent release, “Friday Night Lights,” is a perfect example of how he combines excellent melodies and energetic hooks with lyrics that are easy to relate to. You should definitely check out Dave’s music if you enjoy the sound of artists such as Garth Brooks, Keith Urban or Jason Alden, only to mention a few! 

The energy of Dave’s performance is truly spot on, and the vocals soar on top of the instruments beautiful, managing to stand out without ever overpowering the balance that you would expect from a  great country rock track.

“Friday Night Lights” is a fantastic way for the artist to kickstart the year (although it was technically released in 2021!) and treat his audience to something truly special!

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