Da Real EKG – Thing 4 You

Da Real EKG - Thing 4 You

Da Real EKG introducing brand new song release: Thing 4 You.

May 2020: Da Real EKG is a rap artist based in Dothan, Alabama. His music sets the bar higher in terms of production and sonic excellence, especially with the support of Vybe Beats, who produced the music and helped Da Real EKG take the creative vision behind this track to the very next level.

The track came about as the artists were looking for new ideas in the studio, and the idea turned into rapping about unrequited love. Even when you would be ready to give someone the whole world on a silver platter, it doesn’t mean that they would be willing to do the same for you! “Thing 4 You” talks about this poignant topic, going for a direct and one-of-a-kind feel.

There’s melody here, but there is also a lot of energy, tying things together beautifully and going for a full-on vibe that feels like it belongs to the top of the charts. The music is pristine and innovative, and the vocals are timeless and personal, creating the perfect vibe.