Curtis Lee Putman – Montgomery In The Rain

Curtis Lee Putman - Montgomery In The Rain

Country Songwriter Curtis Lee Putman Releases Emotionally Charged Version of “Montgomery in the Rain”

It takes a special kind of artist to take a classic song and give it new life. Popular country star Curtis Lee Putman does that and more with “Montgomery in the Rain”.

May 14, 2018

Curtis Lee Putman has built a loyal following with his authentic, country songs made distinct with his combination of signature vocals and edgy lyrics and attitude. Following up his currently trending, extremely popular single #TallInTheSaddle, Curtis Lee has recently dropped a surprise with a cover version of “Montgomery in the Rain”, that is so charged with real-life experience, and emotion, it may just step ahead of both Steve Young’s original and Hank Jr.’s take on the country music favorite.

“This is a song that comes directly from the heart,” commented Curtis Lee. “There was a moment that where every word of ‘Montgomery in the Rain’ was happening to me in an eerie way. I was pulling up to my old house in Montgomery after being out of town awhile. At that time I also learned I didn’t live there anymore. That’s the type of experience I wouldn’t recommend, but it can be the catalyst for great, honest, music.”

The country songwriter has certainly won a reputation for being unashamedly autobiographic in his lyrics, something that many true fans of the genre have been starved for in an age when “pop” country has spread, with bubblegum lyrics written more by marketing teams than people with real-world stories to tell. Curtis Lee is full of them and delivers them with the kind of attitude that wins both other men and woman too over as loyal followers and fans. A smart bet, according to many music insiders, is to consider him as being inches from breaking through in a major way. And all signs point towards Curtis Lee Putman being more than ready to take on a bigger stage and wider audience without changing a bit of his massively compelling, country-as-it-was-meant-to-be-approach.

Stayed tuned for the latest news from a star on the rise.

The reviews keep pouring in and certainly don’t lie.

Sleeping Bag Studio ER@SBS, recently said in a five-star review, “Just enough of the old-school meeting the modern-day for a solid mix in the combination. There’s a truly strong-voice and tremendously talented entertainer here in Curtis.”

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About Curtis Lee Putman

Born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the home of the Gibson Guitar company and a rich and diverse music scene, Curtis Lee Putman found his musical love in traditional Country and Blues. Curtis Lee has been forging ahead in life as a father, a worker, a lover, a fighter, and a husband to his high-school sweetheart who helped save him from a very dark period of his life. He’s referred to as the Rambling Man for good reason.

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