Curse – Mind

New single titled, ‘Mind’ released by the band Curse 

The band CURSE has something to say. The songwriting is direct, while the visuals and factualdetailsofthebandremainmurky. Thismuchisknown:theyhailfromPortland, Oregon; began operating under the CURSE moniker in late 2019, and will bet their lives that loud guitars and pathos remain a powerful combination.
The band introduced itself with 20th Century Dreams, a scathing judgment of boomer government, along with debut shows on both coasts. Follow-up track Digital Crimes took aim at influencer culture with a mid-lockdown cellphone-shot acid trip of a video. Without the opportunity and catharsis of touring, the band spent the next months pouring their frustration and energy into a new record.
Now the band is set to release their latest track: MIND. Behind driven, interlacing guitars are themes of information overload and being pulled in every direction, which should be familiar to anyone with a working internet connection. It can feel impossible to find meaning amidst thetorrentofdisinformation,propagandaandceaselessadvertising. Asarebuttal,thesong makes its intentions clear with its very first line: “I think i’m losing my mind”.