Composing4you – Love Is Our Dream Come True

Composing4you announcing new release, ‘Love Is Our Dream Come True’

Composing4you is the brainchild of Austrian musician and composer Wolfgang Steinwidder. Born in Vienna in 1973, he has been passionate about music for most of his life, and he is utterly dedicated to creating beautiful, poignant and direct music with a very personal feel, often coming up with really distinctive ideas.

Recently, Wolfgang set out to release a stunning new project titled ‘Love Is Our Dream Come True’ This new work really showcase’s the artist’s unique feel, as well as his passion for rock music and other genres. One of the most striking things you might notice about this release is most certainly the artist’s ability to absorb a wider range of influences and ideas, making for a really huge and eclectic tone, where pop, rock and classical can coexist in a very, very special way.

Composing4you is all about breaking the boundaries, and exploring the various possibilities of many different releases, going for a diverse and forward-thinking range of tonal options, while retaining a very special and individualistic style.