Composing4you – Hollywood Rock

Composing4you introducing new release, ‘Hollywood Rock’ 

Composing4you has just released his brand new single, “Hollywood Rock”. This track is an immersive and atmospheric anthem from this incredible project, which knows no creative boundaries.

This dynamic and no-frills rock song was actually composed on the vibrant streets of Hollywood. The city was a significant inspiration for the number. Composing4you wanted to create a song that celebrated the incredible artists who are pursuing their dreams in “Tinseltown”.

There is something distinctive about Composing4you’s approach to this song. Although there are many tracks about Hollywood this new release is completely unique, fresh, and innovative. In “Hollywood Rock”, Composing4you truly explores the heart and soul of this diverse and artistic city.

The lyrics in “Hollywood Rock” explore themes about freedom, dreams, and art. The artist draws inspiration from musicians such as Van Halen, Queen, and Bon Jovi, to mention but a few. Composing4you brings that same raw rock vibe with direct lyrics. On top of this, Composing4you’s stunning vocal performance makes “Hollywood Rock” a standout number.

“Hollywood Rock” was actually recorded in Vienna and mastered in North Hollywood. This means that the song was composed and produced in the same city, so its journey came full circle.

Check out the link below to listen to “Hollywood Rock” and discover more great music from Composing4you!