Classern Quartet – Just Bangers

Classern Quartet - Just Bangers

Classern Quartet proudly presenting new release, ‘Just Bangers’

Classern Quartet provides a unique musical experience unlike any other string quartet. Classern provides the listener with the classical elegance of a string quartet with a twist through blending the genres of Classical, Pop and Rock with their mash up’s such as “Out Loud Canon” which features the sounds of the classical composer Johanne Pachelbel and the modern artist of Ed Sheeran. This is only one example of how Classern uniquely blends their sound and surprises the listener. Classern Quartet’s debut self-titled album features acoustic and tracks with various instrumentation.

Their debut album covers works from prominent modern artists such as Justin Timberlake and The Chainsmokers. Classern’s second album “All Smashed Up” is a testament to the name Classern. The entire album feature’s mash ups of Classical and Modern artists as well as one original piece. Just Bangers is the current album and the title says it all. This album has your favorite melodies from this past year and includes one original song.