Citizen – On The Moon

Indie Australian band CITIZEN (1997-2001) present, for the first time, their song ‘On The Moon’ on global streaming! Taken from their EP ‘Distance Between Strangers’ released in the year 2000, ‘On The Moon’ takes a fictional view of the famed July 20, 1969 moon landing posing the question ‘what if something had gone wrong with the mission?’

The mid tempo, soft rock cut features the songwriting prowess of singer/ songwriter James Douglas Cooper in his first band outing, CITIZEN, singing lead vocals. Live strings were recorded for the song arranged by CITIZEN’s other songwriter and vocalist, Cris Corte.

‘On The Moon’ has a lush, full spectrum classic 1970’s soft-rock feel – all recorded by four young men who were still in their teens at the time!

The recording was the first commercial record produced by Michael McGlynn (L-FRESH the Lion), and made it’s way onto national airwaves in 2000 via Radio Triple J.

Now, 20 years later, their classic sound still sounds fresh on digital streaming.