Christine Nicole – What It Feels Like For a Girl

Christine Nicole is back with her exciting new single, ‘What It Feels Like For a Girl’

Christine Nicole is not your average pop singer songwriter originally born in New Mexico but raised in Lubbock, Texas, home of Buddy Holly. She is a little bit of an outsider who comes across quirky, awkward, and slightly sexy. She has loved and connected with music from a young age. Her voice is clear and clean but her presence is confident and commanding. Christine’s songs take you on a journey through multiple genres but at the core, she’s pop.

Christine Nicole has been pumping out a variety of singles since 2012. You can feel her trying to find herself through each song. Her personality and vulnerability shines and she is able to connect with a diverse audience. Christine is currently residing in Houston and working on collaboration projects as well as her own EP set to release in 2020. Check out her latest single & cover of Madonna’s hit “What It Feels Like for a Girl”.