Chrissie Romano Band – What About Her?

Chrissie Romano Band presenting their exciting new single, ‘What About Her?’

Chrissie’s notes about the inspiration for this song: “This was inspired by the events surrounding the arrest, trial and sentencing in the Stanford Rape Case. I was enraged when I read about the short sentencing of the attacker. Then I read Emily Doe’s victim impact statement and I thought ‘what about her?’. I couldn’t get that line out of my head and that is where the chorus came from and the song is based on this event.”

About the Band: The Chrissie Romano Band evolved from a desire to not only create original tunes, but to build on the rhythmic and musical foundation Chrissie, Ken and John developed on many recording and live gigs. Built on Chrissies songwriting, which is the perfect combination of storytelling and infectious melodies, the band surrounds the listener with a sound that is both fresh and at the same time traditional and organic. By taking a unique approach to their music, with a heavy focus on acoustic guitar and a tight, powerful rhythm section, they are stand outs in the current music scene.