Chris Jones & the Flycatchers – In the Throes

Chris Jones and The Flycatchers’ latest single, titled “In the Throes,” is a masterfully raw follow-up to “College Dropout”–a single the Oklahoma Review called “an anthem that resonates to music lovers of all ages.”

Jones, is no stranger to either hard work or heartache. A drummer for most of his life, it ended up being his acoustic guitar that made the journey to college with him.. After nearly a full semester, he realized school wasn’t for him. So he dropped out of college at 19 to focus on his music and went to working 60+ hours a week building powerline poles, much to the disdain of those closest to him, who believed he was wasting his talent and wanted him to write his own music. His latest single tells a portion of that story.

“This song came at a time when I was at a crossroads with my life,” Jones reiterates. “I had taken some time off work, and trying to figure out how I was going to change the direction of everything. I’ve always known I wanted to play music but the dream seemed to get more distant each year. One morning, I got up early, and told myself that I needed to finish something. I decided to try to finish a song I started a year before. Everything just seemed to click in that moment. I finished that song, and that just rolled into a new one. The song was written in about an hour, and became ‘In The Throes.’”

In the time left before the rest of the album is released, Jones plans to continue building his fan base across Oklahoma and Texas, playing live shows whenever possible. This album was recorded and mixed at 115 Recording in Norman by Grammy-nominated producer Wes Sharon. Sharon previously produced, recorded and mixed John Fullbright’s album ​From The Ground Up ​ , which was nominated for Best Americana Album at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards.

Chris Jones and The Flycatchers can be heard on all major streaming platforms. For booking information, contact