Chayah Miranda Releases her debut album No Other Way


Christian Pop Recording Artist Chayah Miranda Releases her debut album No Other Way


1. Tell us about your debut album No Other Way?
My debut album No Other Way, is my first album. I wrote and recorded it in Nashville, Tennessee with my producer Josh Robinson. It’s really the story of what has happened to me over the past few years and how God has shown me His amazing love. Each of the songs on my album talks about different situations and experiences that have happened to me and that are a part of my journey as I’ve come to know Jesus. It’s a very personal album and it’s really my testimony and story through music.

2. How did you come to meet Jesus?
Well, I grew up in the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. My parents would always take my siblings and I to church ever since we were little. So I always knew about Jesus, but didn’t have a personal relationship with Him. It was when I was in college at Berklee College of Music. I was at a point in my life where I began questioning if God was real? If God is He says He is? What is the Sabbath and why do I even go to church? So all of these questions were just mounting up in my mind. God knew I had all these questions and he sent me someone, who is now a really good friend of mine, to invite me to the campus Bible study. I was reluctant at first, but after his continued persistence I finally attended and began studying the Bible. I couldn’t believe that this ancient book was speaking directly to my heart. All the stories that we were reading were all parallel to my life and the things that I was going through. Then I got extremely sick and bedridden for almost a month. I could barely walk at all. I found myself praying to God and asking for healing. I remember I was in bed reading a book titled, “Steps to Christ ” and in that moment as tears came down, I prayed and asked God to completely heal me. In that moment, I fully surrendered to God and gave Jesus my whole heart. He took away all the pain that I was in at the time.

3. Tell us about your song Higher?
My song Higher is about finding hope and life in Jesus. We all experience the day-to-day work and how it can somehow feel as though there really isn’t any more to life. The lyrics say, “I wanna lift you higher” , meaning higher to God where there is peace, joy and fulfillment in Jesus. We all tend to get caught up in the things of this world and may even think that our identity is in the material things we have here, but its not at all. Our true happiness and identity is found in Jesus and that there is hope for a brighter future when we look up and give our hearts to God.
4. What’s your favorite song on the album?
“Found In You” is one of my favorites because it really talks about my story and testimony of finding myself in Jesus and finally surrendering my life and heart to Him. I’m so thankful that He was so persistent in pursuing my heart because now I know what it feels like to live a life of faith and to be really loved by God.
5. Where are you from and can you tell us a little bit about how you started singing?
I am from Millbrae, California which is about twenty minutes south of San Francisco. I grew up in northern California and am the eldest of four children. I come from a really musical family so music was always a part of my life. I grew up listening to my mom and my family singing and playing the piano and guitar. As a child, my mom would always have my siblings and I sing in church. As I grew up, I continued to sing solo in church and in all the school talent shows. During high school, I also began to sing at local fairs in and throughout San Francisco. It was actually at one of the fairs where I met the very first producer that I worked with and from there I just continued to pursue a career as a recording artist.
6. Have you done any missionary work before?
Yes I have. While I was in college I was a part of a missionary discipleship program called STRIDE. We were based in Boston, Massachusetts and did a lot of work with all the different campuses in the Boston area. It was a really great learning experience in being able to just minister and help other students. We would also go around the city and share Gods love to the people we would meet.
7. Have you experienced any recent testimonies?
Yes, there is one that just recently happened. I was near Los Angeles and for some reason had a craving for a particular fast food restaurant. So I decided to go and just do the drive through. As I was about to turn into the restaurant, I saw across the street an old homeless man walking with his cart. I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to buy him dinner. I knew it was something I needed to do, so I went ahead and bought him dinner. I drove right up to him. He was standing right next door in the parking lot of McDonalds counting his change. I got out of my car and said, “Sir, I bought you dinner.” He was so overjoyed and said that he was just counting to see if he had enough for a meal. I was so amazed at how God used me in that moment to minister to that man and to help him. It’s amazing how God leads and when we hear His voice telling us to do something for someone else. I honestly felt that it was also a ministry from God to me because God was reminding me of His never failing love and how He has and always will provide and take care of me.
8. How has your journey been while walking with Jesus?
Of course I have those ups and downs, but this time I know I have Jesus to go to when tough times come. He is the foundation of my life and living for Him has really brought me true joy and happiness that I didn’t know before. I can’t wait to see how God will continue to lead and that’s really the amazing thing about walking with Jesus. It’s an adventure everyday, and I’m grateful for every moment.
9. What church do you attend and tell us about your faith?
I’m a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, and as a member I attend church on Saturday and observe the Sabbath from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. As a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian, I believe that the Bible is Gods Word and that there will be a second coming of Christ. I also believe in taking good care of my health and well being. The Bible says that the Holy Spirit lives in us and therefore it makes perfect sense to me to take good care of my health in what I eat and take in.

10. What is one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned in making this album?
I learned how important trusting God is and how to fully and completely depend on Him and His word and guidance. God taught me through this process of making my album to let Him take full control and to follow His lead. So I did just that every single step of the way. I asked Him to show me what to do, and He did that and more. He really made my album even better than what I had dreamed or thought of it being. I originally thought to have an EP with only five songs, but God turned it into a full ten song album! I thought to just have it digitally produced, but God had a better plan. God planned to have live musicians with live strings, live guitars, live bass, live drums and for me to work with one of the best producers in the music business! I learned that when I put my faith and life in Gods hands, He will always give me the very best. All I have to do is trust Him, follow Him and let Him lead me all the way.

11. How important is your prayer time with God?
My prayer time with God is so important to me and it is the most important time of my day. It’s the very first thing I do before I even get up and the last thing I do before I go to sleep. I talk to God and spend time in prayer and in reading the Bible every morning. I love my devotion time in the morning because it really gives me the strength to do all the work that is set before me throughout the day. It sets the tone of my day and prepares me for whatever may come my way. I also say prayers throughout the day and keep that communication with God. Praying to God is where I get my strength and focus for each day.

12. Are there any other things that you’d like to do in ministry?
I would definitely like to go to a different country and do some missionary work for children’s education which I am very passionate about. I love children and want to help make a difference in their lives. Right now I’m working on my foundation which will help children with their music education. So I’m really excited about that!

13. Any advice you’d like to share to others about faith and getting to know Jesus?
I’d say, if you are searching for the truth, start just by saying a prayer to God and ask Him to lead you to meet someone who you can begin studying the Bible with. Don’t be intimidated by the Bible, but just take some time to start reading it and ask God to give you wisdom to understand it. That’s exactly what I did and it really helped me to grow in my faith in getting to know Jesus. Start little by little. Even with just one verse or line and you’ll begin to experience the love that God has for you.

14. Will you be going on tour so we can see you perform?
Yes, I will be on tour soon, and I’m so excited about that! I can’t wait to start performing in different cities throughout the country and meeting everyone!

15. How can we get your album and get in contact with you?
You can purchase my album on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. I also sell the actual physical CDs on my website. You can listen to my entire album there as well. I’m also on social media.


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