Chad Wilson – The DEVIL (Review)

Chad Wilson is back with a new song: The Devil

August 2022 – Chad Wilson is not the kind of artist to shy away from challenges, especially if such challenges involve creative thinking, growth, and innovation in music. His most recent song, The Devil, is a really remarkable example. The new work showcases the artist’s open-minded attitude, while still revealing how Chad has not forgotten his roots. The new music is deeply focused on contemporary Americana, while also tipping the hat off to a broad range of modern iterations of this style, including folk and alt-country, among others.

There is something quite special for everyone here and, this release is most definitely going to be a perfect match for fans of artists such as Neil Young, Bright Eyes, Dead Rituals, and Elliott Smith. Player’s attitude offers a very authentic perspective, as his music arguably comes from a very personal place. For instance, this particular song is actually about suicide and trying to deal with one’s personal demons.

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