Celine Rae – Do Better

Rae releases a brand new single out called ‘Do Better’. The track is very personal for Rae and she wants to send out a message. Rae has been a victim of bullying in more than one way, She was bullied physically, as well as online. Lies have been spread about her, but still she keeps finding strength in her own music. With ‘Do Better’ she inspires her young followers to rise above the hate and to always follow your dreams. No matter what people do to bring you down. Rae is fiercely against bullying and hopes to offer her fans comfort and strength with her powerful message. As Rae herself says: “Dancing through heartbreak together”.

Dutch artist CELINE RAE turns heartbreak, emotions and her personal experiences into danceable pop-tracks. ​​Rae calls her music stigma-free, as she always tries to inspire her fans to be themselves unapologetically no matter what they’re going through. Her lyrics are honest and raw, and even though her genre is associated with party vibes, there is a message and meaning behind every song Celine Rae sings and writes.