Cathy “T” Tramontanan – LIVE YOUR LIFE

live your live pix 4

Cathy “T” Tramontanan – LIVE YOUR LIFE: Cathy “T” Tramontana came on the music scene in 2014 with her DJTIMES TOP hit “Talk To Me”. “Talk to Me” was written by Cathy and produced by well-known music producer Steve “Migs” Migliore. “Talk to Me” was remixed by top US & International DJs including NYC’s own Mike Rizzo and Spain’s Danny Cohiba. The DJTImes hit was remixed 7 times by other DJS and played through out radio stations and dance clubs.

This year, Cathy “T” revisits the music scene with her recent release “LIVE YOUR LIFE” featuring Steve “Migs” Migliore. Written by Cathy and produced by Steve “Migs”, Live Your Life combines a Latin flavor with a high energy dance beat.

“Live Your Life” is about doing what you want to do and following your dreams no matter what, say Cathy. I wrote this song to inspire people to be yourself and do what makes you happy.”

Live Your Life and Talk to Me are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon and other music links for purchase and download.