Cameron John and the Rosebuds – Running Out

Cameron John and the Rosebuds - Running Out

Cameron John and the Rosebuds present: Running Out

March 2021 – Cameron John and the Rosebuds recently dropped a brand new studio single: Running Out. This exciting song has a great lo-fi approach to production, with a great muted bass sound perfectly blending in with the effected vocals and crunchy beat, not to mention the vintage-sounding guitar parts, especially the guitar solo that comes in pretty much half way through the track.

What is special about this song is that it highlights the group’s timeless musical roots, and tight dynamics, tipping the hat off to the world of classic Motown and R&B. However, there is also a different side, blinking an eye to the modern alternative music scenes. Fans of artists such as Mac DeMarco, Nosaj Thing, Dead Rituals, Mac Miller, or King Krule are definitely going to enjoy the raw, organic approach that drives this release.

Find out more about Cameron John and the Rosebuds, and do not miss out on Running Out. This release is currently available on Spotify, as well as other digital music streaming platforms on the web.


Cameron John and the Rosebuds is a musical group created by Cameron LeBlanc, A Boston born, San Diego based musician/producer. This group is especially inspired by old 60’s soul, motown, and classic R&B music, though not immediately apperent in their music. More prominent inspirations in their music feature the likes of current Gen indie music (Mac Demarco, Boy Pablo, Cuco) No matter what the inspiration is, Cameron John and the Rosebuds are locked and loaded, ready to start their musical journey.