Caleb Kelley – Boy Goin Nowhere

Artistrack brings to you ‘Boy Goin Nowhere’ by Caleb Kelley

I am thrilled to share my new single, “Boy Goin Nowhere,” my rendition of Ashley McBride’s song, “Girl Goin Nowhere.” When I first heard the song it was being performed by Garth Brooks during a sound check, I was immediately drawn to it and assumed it was one of his songs. However, after being corrected on who the artist was, I was in tears watching as Ashley McBride performed it on the Grand Ole Opry. I couldn’t believe that I had been so moved by a song that had been written by an artist who, much like me, was an underdog in the music industry and life.
Much like McBride’s teacher telling her that pursuing music was “silly” and that she should consider something else resonated with me deeply, as I’ve faced similar doubts and criticisms from family and friends. But this year has been a turning point for me as an artist, and I’m proud to say as I look back a see that my new single is a testament to my perseverance and determination. To all those who doubted me, Not too bad for a boy going nowhere? “