Bwana Tice – Project F (Review)

Check out this music review of the new single, ‘Project F’ released by Bwana Tice

Bwana Tice is an artist and musician with a focus on creating music that blurs the lines between infectious rhythms and catchy hooks. Recently, she channeled her inner dance vibes and came out with a stunning new single, “Project F.” This release is strong of a fantastic production, and more importantly it is a track that has got rhythm for days!

With how things are going all across the world due to the Coronavirus crisis, it is likely that we won’t get to hang out at a club anytime soon now. However, releases like “Project F” represent an amazing opportunity for people to channel some positive vibes right at home, and remind ourselves that music means freedom and that life will eventually go back to normal. Until then, let’s crank “Project F” loud, and groove to beat of Bwana Tice’s amazing music and larger-than-life sonic aesthetics. This is lush, captivating and beautifully performed dance music that will make its way into your best heavy rotation set-lists.

Find out more about “Bwana Tice” and check out “Project F,” which is now available on the web.