BTS – Love Yourself Tear

BTS - Love Yourself Tear

BTS bring to us their latest release ‘Love Yourself Tear’

Quality of the music on this album, nothing feels unfinished, a filler, or pandering. Every song has an underlying theme.

This track is very heavily R&B influenced. Heavy bass, with slow-moving chords. The vocals are well-layered, and are occasionally interrupted by electric guitar riffs or twangs. This is very contemporary R&B, more like Gallant or Daniel Caesar than Stevie Wonder or Diana Ross. The chords are mostly jazzy, neither in minor nor major, further contributing to the overall soul sound; the chorus, however, ends in major & contributes to the eeriness. The lyrics mirror this soulful tone by showcasing a kind of poetic vulnerability that is common in soul. You can also hear this in the velvety and husky color of Taehyung’s voice. This is purposeful, since the most hard-hitting lyrics are with the most interesting musical points. Overall, a high-quality track that puts a lot of artists who attempt R&B to shame

Fake Love
This track is a huge mashup of a lot of sound influences. There are very few songs that sound like this. The opening line is the most important lyrically, and also lines up perfectly with the haunting melody. That opening line is in D minor and the opening line of the title track in a MINOR KEY. The guitar in the background carries the melody all the way to the more synth-heavy beat we hear when the rap verses start and which continues into the chorus. The rap verses are more trap-style compared to their previous title tracks. Also, the repeating synth notes (the tong-tong-tong-tong) that go A, D, E, F can be found subtly incorporated throughout the song. These tetrachords give off a haunting and hypnotizing aura. This is D minor again. D minor is often considered to be the SADDEST key signature in western music. This choice of D minor is intentional. Fake love is perhaps BTS’ darkest and most heart-wrenching title track in terms of both sound and lyrics (but still danceable lol). This is because of this repetition of the tetrachord synth line in D minor all throughout the song, and that opening haunting line. Also, the chorus sounds like very traditional pop, maybe electropop-influenced, and it sounds major…but as you continue to listen to the song you can clearly hear its darker undertones. It’s literally a “pretty lie”. Overall a REVOLUTIONARY track because it mixes sounds, melodies, and genres that really hasn’t been done before. It really sets this whole album apart.

Sounds extremely jazz-influenced from the get go. I can definitely hear the funky electric guitar chords with the high hats, it sounds like it’s straight from a jazz chart. It also sounds interestingly…spacey, which would make sense for the theme. The jazziness also makes it sound kind of tropical. The vocals are not very melodic, which matches the rhythmic nature of the accompaniment. Also the inclusion of jazz flute makes this a very whimsical and unique track. The rhythmic quality of this track really helps the rap line shine. The vocal line blends in like butter, this is smooth and rhythmic with a kind of popping sound of rap on top, very satisfying to the ear. Overall, a VERY new sound for BTS and a pop album in general.

Sounds like contemporary R&B-influenced and 07-08 electropop from the get-go. Eventually the melody becomes increasingly rhythmic, and there are many lyrical melodies layered upon each other. The sparse beat lets the rap line and vocal line shine independently which is perfect for a side track This whole song is about coming to terms with yourself and your dreams, and what it means to have dreams and pursue them. The hard-hitting base and anthemic sounding vocals really help to set the lyrical tone of this track. Overall a really strong side track, another new sound for BTS, and really motivational lyrics that are aided by the sound.

Love Maze
This song sounds more like traditional BTS but with a glo up? I can hear the more traditional rap styles of the rap style, and the beat is the rhythmic pop we’re used to, but it feels a bit more electropop perhaps. Reminds me of summer anthems from around 07-08. The lyrics are deep, but showcase a naivete and optimism (love in the face of confusion and danger), which really feels sweet and sentimental. The sweetness and gentle sentimentality of the lyrics is reflected by the catchy vocal parts and the return to the rapping style we more commonly associate with BTS. Overall, a BEAUTIFUL track, really adds a sweetness to the album that is needed.

Magic shop
Overall, really well-made song, which a really beautiful beat and lyrics, going to become a fan favorite. The lyrics are so deep and hopeful which is dedicated for their army.

Airplane Pt. 2
This is one of the most interesting tracks on the album. It is so latin-influenced but done with a BTS twist it’s so interesting. Its like they made electric bachata. The drums, triangle, hi hat, and vocal melody and swelling chords root it in traditional bachata music. However, once we start to wade into the rap line’s verses, it becomes a warped almost electronic sound.

Gosh this sounds like old-school BTS. The hard hitting and really hype lines and the random whistle sounds remind me so much of old-school Bangtan. The lyrics are also littered with a lot of pop culture references, with a kind of small-kid with big-dreams feel which is so CLASSIC BTS. The beats are really fresh and go along with the rest of the album, sticking to a little bit of the latin influence. The latin-influence somehow lends itself to making the song sound a lot like Bollywood, since a lot of melodies from both cultures share roots in Romani music. At first glance this kind of feels like Fetty Wap, but instead of static instrumentals, the bass drops and the treble rises, giving this filling and hype feel. Hard-hitting hip hop beats, and the rap style feels like 80s or 90s rap.

So What
This is pure dance pop. The beats are very synth-heavy, and the heavy and artistic use of autotune are reminiscent of early 2010s pop. This is a very danceable song, with memorable melodies that are easy on the ear and catchy. The lyrics are also very carefree, which feels very much conducive to the almost club music feel of this song. BTS are saying to screw it all, and to let go, and to shout ‘so what?’. It really is a return to the emotional, youthful, and carefree Bangtan we all fell in love with and we can see in HYYH as well. And I can definitely feel that in the traditional dance beat of this song.

Outro: Tear
It sounds like classic 80s or 90s rap, going back to the roots of hip hop. The chorus, however, sounds a lot more modern, and the beat sounds like trap. Really interesting mix. The bass and heavy autotune really helps set the tune. It has more of an ominous feel to it. This song really highlights the rappers, as BTS’s rappers are all extremely solid.

Even pitchfork made the review for this album which is 7.1 .

“You’ll like BTS music if you listen without prejudice”
““Music and performance transcends language and countries and races. Alluding to the sea of rainbow lights to reflect the diversity of BTS’s international fanbase. Like a rainbow, I don’t care if you’re red. I don’t care if you’re blue, orange, green, purple, whatever. Thank you.”