Introducing BREEZE Millard


BREEZE Millard is a 17 year old singer/songwriter with a very bright future.

From Whyalla, South Australia “where the outback meets the sea” her mature vocals and contemporary writing style impresses all who see and hear her.

On stage from a very young age BREEZE is as comfortable rocking it out as she is performing a power ballad and in late 2016 was named WINNER of the WHYALLA RECORDING SCHOLARSHIP with her original composition titled “I HAVE MY OWN LIFE”.

BREEZE auditioned her song to studios in Hollywood, New York and the Gold Coast to secure some of the very best session musicians from around the world to play on her track, and mastering in New York by Tom Coyne. Tom is currently shaping the sound of most hit music on the planet with regular customers including Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Keith Urban and Adele.

The fact that artists of such global acclaim found time in their very busy schedules to work on BREEZE’s track is testimony to her immense talent.

BREEZE has written an AMAZING debut single and has the vocal and musical talent, onstage style & charisma, and intense work ethic to back it up.

“I Have My Own Life” is a power ballad with themes of heartbreak, love, loss, and especially empowerment. A song that resonates with everyone. Fans of all ages, all styles, all walks of life – “I Have My Own Life” will relate to whatever you’re going through in YOUR life.

“I HAVE MY OWN LIFE” by BREEZE Millard is available from from Sunday April 2, 2017.

Released by Stormfront Productions as the 2016 Whyalla Recording Scholarship Winner’s Single.