Bonsekour – Let Loose

Bonsekour has released a new project: Let Loose

July 2022 – Bonsekour is an artist who recently announced a long-awaited released named Let Loose. This new studio work represents a massive milestone for Bonsekour, who counted to refine his sound and achieve a balance of different ideas and influences to call his own personal style.

Let Loose by Bonsekour is also particularly special in the way it has a more personal story that relates to the artist. In fact, this song deals with the story of how he first got into the music scene, and all of the amazing adventures that he has experienced in the process, climbing up the ladder of the Montreal music scene, and spreading his music to a much wider fan base everywhere. Bonsekour is all about keeping things flow in a very exciting way, and Let Loose couldn’t be a better introduction his innovative creative vision overall. Great things are in store for this artist, so you might definitely want to stay tuned for what’s about to happen next!

Find out more about Bonsekour, and listen to Let Loose. This release is currently available on some of the best digital streaming services.