Blue Helix – Anti-Social Butterfly

Blue Helix – Anti-Social Butterfly:

The art of combat may seem like it is a world away from the art of music. Look closer, however, and the similarities are greater than it may seem at first glance. Both require a steady diet of focus, repetition, and 24/7 commitment to becoming better than everyone else. In their new video, “Anti-Social Butterfly,” Blue Helix brings the two worlds together for a knock-down, drag-out musical brawl.

It was just barely 12 months ago that we introduced viewers and programmers to this Pacific Northwest outfit via their visually stunning “Aliens” music video. It was a lush, elaborate power ballad that stretched the minds of their audience. For their new single, “Anti-Social Butterfly,” the group has full-throated fury that we’ve come to expect from Blue Helix. Complex riffs, thunderous drums, and a vocal ferocity that would make screamers from Dave Grohl to Robert Plant proud, “Anti-Social Butterfly” is unapologetic and musically apocalyptic.

The song is one of six tracks from the new Anti-Social Butterfly EP. While the group has previously made their name with a seamless blend of complex riffs and rhythms via an assortment of musical timbres, for this round they’ve found a leaner, more in-your-face sound that slides directly into any modern rock playlist.

The “Anti-Social Butterfly” video is quite literally a slugfest. Using a boxing ring and gym as central location for the video, Blue Helix unleashes a fiery performance for the camera and a select audience of judges. Lead singer Sami Chohfi captivates the camera while the other three members of Blue Helix are interspersed amongst the hanging punching bags and deviant backlighting. Over the course of the video a story plays out of the journey a young school boy taking his own self defense into his own hands. He starts as a scrawny teen getting pounded and plundered by his peers, but through a grueling regimen of training and discipline he’s able to transform himself into a lean, mean fighting machine. The moment finally arrives where he can step toe to toe in the ring with his longtime nemesis, and this time he’s ready to extract his revenge.