Blue Helix – Aliens


Blue Helix – Aliens: What is the strange netherworld between life and death like? Is it possible to communicate with the ones we love as they are slipping into the next world? If so, what might that person’s experience be? Heady questions all, and impossible to answer — but Blue Helix is bold enough to hazard a few guesses. The gorgeous clip for “Aliens”, the latest single from the Washington State outfit, imagines a glance behind the veil. It’s an ambitious work of speculative fiction from an emerging band that has never been afraid to shake up its audience — or reach for the heavens.

Fans of Blue Helix won’t be surprised by the audacity of the “Aliens” clip. Since the late ’00s, the quartet has been dazzling Pacific Northwestern music listeners with its amalgam of grunge-inspired modern hard rock, thoughtful metal, neo-prog, acoustic folk, and orchestral music. Tale of Two Halves, the band’s acclaimed album, showcases outstanding musicianship, scrupulous attention to sonic and lyrical detail, and front-man Sami Chohfi’s searing lead vocals. Tale of Two Halves is an independent release, but it matches the majesty and grandeur of any big-budget major label recording — and it announces the arrival of a group on the verge of bigger things.

“Aliens” is the melodic centerpiece of the album: a rich, yearning, string-adorned power ballad with a thoughtful message. It’s the sensitive, creative flip-side — and perfect complement — to the pile-driver rockers that kick off the record.