BlackSilence Music – Please Stand Up

BlackSilence Music introducing brand new release project, “Please Stand Up”

BlackSilence Music is a rather unique act combining organic sounds with uniquely cinematic and nostalgic flavors. Recently, the BlackSilence announced a brand new release titled “Please Stand Up.”

As the title might imply, the project has a big, exciting sound, which tips the hat off to massive producers such as Calvin Harris as well as Sasha, only to mention a couple. This production is world-class, with big, fat bass tones and a multi-layered arrangement that’s filled with rich textures. Unlike many other producers in the House music world, BlackSilence Music has a much deeper concept behind his work. When listening to his beats and melodies, it doesn’t feel like you’re listening to the same old presents, but rather like diving deeper into a fascinating world of unique aesthetics and beautiful compositional ideas.

This composition has a synth-based structure, exploring influences as diverse as techno and electro-house.

Find out more about BlackSilence Music, and do not miss out on “Please Stand Up,” which is currently available on Spotify


BlackSilence Music is bringing nostalgia into the modern world, with a sound that captures the boundaries between the old and the new. At the helm is Manchester music producer Lee Holdsworth, who combines acid synth and big, main-room baselines, creating immersive sounds that fuel festivals and clubs all over the world.

From collaborating with artists from across the globe as a ghostwriter, Holdsworth has now decided to launch into the public and do it for himself under his own record label BlackSilence Music.

His love of creating synth-based sounds and electronic beats is influenced by 90s house, where crowds used to dance in disused warehouses and when illegal raves were the norm. Nowadays he creates sounds that appeal to music-lovers in the techno, tech house, and electronic genres. He aims to influence music in some of his favourite places – Miami and Ibiza, not forgetting NYC.

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