Check out visuals for, ‘Rollcall’ by BLACKPITCH 

B L A C K P I T C H makes sludgy post pop rhymes with progressive arrangements, harnessing the power of vocals, electronics, synths, drum machines, sampling/resampling and time stretching.

The Brainchild of UK born composer / producer Paul Tinsley who has been creating music for dance and film for over a decade.

Rollcall is the third track from BLACKPITCH.

About the song – mechanic:

With a loping tempo, catchy hook & up front vocals, rollcall IDM of sorts with a song like structure & grit borrowed from guitar music. The recurring melody is supported by a rolling rhythm section, making rollcall the most accessible BLACKPITCH song to date.

Think Blond Redhead meets Sevdaliza with both are fed through an Andy Stott food processor and sprinkled with brainiac dust.

About the video:

The success of the last ‘BLACKPITCH Team project’ video (End Effect) meant we decided to create a new video with: a dancer / choreographer Karolina Wyrwal as creative lead, Giacomo Corvaia as Cinematographer and editor and Zofia Jakubiec as Costume Designer.
The ‘Rollcall’ video explores this notion of clarity, the muddy waters of decision making and opinion. Choices that appear profoundly black or white are never such. Nothing is ‘decided’. Nothing is ever 100% clear, rather some ‘mixing’ always occurs. And in these grey areas, the magic happens. This is where we learn, where we excel, where we grow and where we are the most under pressure. It is also where we meet and where we socialise, have discourse and find out more about ourselves, everyone and everything else.