BIGG SEXXY – Walmart Girl ft. Llexa

Check out the visuals for the single titled ‘Walmart Girl’ by BIGG SEXXY ft. Llexa

Alright…it’s time to crank up the fun here at the page tonight, courtesy of BIGG SEXXY and Llexa achieving the impossible – they’ve somehow managed to make Walmart awesome.

As far as first impressions goes, you can’t ask for much more than you’ll find right here in this new single. While its roots are definitely comedic from what you hear to what you’ll see – you can’t quite help but notice that Llexa can really sing too as the song begins. There’s an indescribable magic there that works brilliantly…comedy is always about commitment at the end of the day, that’s what makes it work…for me, the dryer it is, generally the better for sure…and honestly, I kind of love how Llexa sings this tune like she’s not even in on the joke. You’ll see from the video that she certainly IS – but I mean, it’s the sheer fact that she was singing these words so sweetly, skillfully, and sincerely that had me cracking up right from the moment she started listing all the beautiful benefits of Walmart from the opening verse. So you get her incredible voice, her insightful match on how to play her role in this tune, the music sounds like it’s gonna be great from its subtle acoustic opening & beat rising up in the background – and you get all this good stuff even before we’ve heard BIGG SEXXY do his own thang!