Bianca Jazmine – You’ll Find Love

Bianca Jazmine - You'll Find Love

Bianca Jazmine releasing new, explosive pop gem, “You’ll Find Love”

Bianca Jazmine is an up and coming artist based in South Florida. She has recently been making headlines, not only due to her catchy and wonderfully distinctive voice, but also due to the emotional honesty of her lyrics. Her songs are catchy and appealing, and they really connect with listeners on a deeper level. Her most recent single release, “You’ll Find Love,” is actually a really phenomenal example of what it is like for her to craft the perfect pop song…with a touch of soul and personality!

This track is very simple at its core, but it is the kind of simplicity that feels effortless and immediately familiar, like having a nice conversation with a long-time friend you haven’t heard from in a little while: the chemistry is always there!

Any fan of powerful melodies and beautifully emotional lyrics with a positive spin will love this one!

Find out more about Bianca Jazmine, and listen to “You’ll Find Love”