BHP – All Thru The Night

BHP - All Thru The Night

BHP (BIGHEADPHONES) release brand new project, All Thru The Night

February 2020 – BHP, also known as (BIGHEADPHONES), is definitely not your average music project. In fact, this combo can be described as a collective featuring 5 artists: @abyssiniaBHP, @33_studios, @RossBHP, @presidentzikBHP, and last but not least, @dr_rolex.

The collective has a very diverse sound, due to the diverse range of talents involved. In fact, the project consists of 4 rappers and one singer, based out of Abuja, Nigeria. They make music that stands out for its unique combination of different styles, including hip-hop, R&B, Afro-Beat and Soul, only to mention a few. The collective recently released a brand new single titled All Thru The Night.

This is a masterfully produced track with a strong message that people can actually relate to. The song highlights the versatility of the 5 artists involved in the project. Each performer seamlessly brings something special to the table, contributing to the track with some unique and refreshing elements. From energetic rap flows, to melodic singing, anything goes and the possibilities are truly endless.

Find out more about BHP, and do not miss out on All Thru The Night. You can find the song on Spotify, and other streaming platforms.