Berani – Wherever

Noosa-Based Berani Drops New G-House Anthem “Wherever” with a Splash of Surfing Vibes

Music producer and DJ, Berani, is set to disrupt the music scene in Noosa and beyond with the release of his latest single, “Wherever.” Drawing inspiration from notable artists like Black Caviar, Bijou, Cazztek, and Frey, Berani combines elements of G-House and House music to create a track that promises to be a game-changer in his genre.

G-House, a genre known for its bass-heavy sound and swagger, may not be a household name in Australia, but Berani is determined to change that. With “Wherever,” he introduces audiences to the infectious rhythms and hip-hop vocal elements that define G-House, all wrapped up in the danceable tempo of House music.

What sets Berani apart is not only his musical prowess but also his unique connection to the surf culture of Noosa. As a surfer himself, he infuses his music with the same energy and passion that fuels his rides on the waves. This blend of surf culture and G-House beats is bound to make “Wherever” a standout track that resonates with both music enthusiasts and beachgoers alike.

Berani isn’t just a producer and DJ; he’s a multi-talented artist who wears many hats. When he’s not crafting music, you can find him behind the decks at various venues and bars, delivering unforgettable DJ sets that keep the party going. His dedication and talent recently paid off when he achieved the remarkable feat of having a track signed on his very first submission to labels—a testament to his skill and vision.

In addition to his music career, Berani has embraced a new role as a father. Balancing the responsibilities of parenthood with his passion for music, he’s proving that with determination and talent, one can excel in multiple facets of life.

“Wherever” is set to hit the airwaves and streaming platforms [insert release date]. With its infectious beats, catchy hooks, and the unique blend of G-House and surf culture, Berani’s latest track is poised to be the summer anthem that gets everyone dancing.