Beautiful Mess – Tumbling Down

Beautiful Mess: Duo announcing latest project, ‘Tumbling Down’

Beautiful Mess is a groundbreaking musical duo consisting of Sherena Dugani and Gary Saunders. The pair set out to take advantage of their unique quirks and fantastic create approach, making for a sound that feels balanced, direct and forward-thinking.

The two are no strangers to the music business. Instead, they have been working on their craft for years, and have experienced a lot of success in the process. Their affinity for tuneful melodies and amazing songwriting is what brought them together in the first place, and it is amazing to experience what they manage to accomplish with their brand new project, “Tumbling Down.”

The release cleverly cashes in on Gary’s rock aground and Sherena’s fantastic natural sensibilities for far-reaching melodies and incredibly appealing arrangements.

Following a previous appearance on the BBC radio in the UK, the duo is going to appear again later in June, working on promoting their new material.

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