AV Super Sunshine – I Am Alien (Dance Remix)


Hit after hit, we have brought you many exceptional, accessible, and timeless tracks from the unique world of AV Super Sunshine. “I Am Alien” created a stir last September with its guerrilla adventure-filled video and funky groove, creating an instant sensation. Today, we’re thrilled to bring you the new dance remix version of “I Am Alien.”

Much like his hip-hop reimagining on his track “Baby Goodbye,” the new Mike Bradford-remixed “I Am Alien” is a fantastic fusion of the original and a new vision. With his fearlessness and visceral prowess, this remix is the bass-thumping dance beat that will be heard throughout every club in America. In fact, early testing of the song already has it popping on the Starfleet charts and DJs (including Calvin Harris) eager to throw it into their live sets.

Leaping far from the desert of Roswell, New Mexico, home of the legendary and secretive Area 51, this new mix takes place at various, popping concerts with hundreds and thousands of people jumping to the screeching electronic dance beat. All of the biggest festivals are represented here, each one packed with jubilant partygoers being taken away by the music.

This cosmic adventure with a heavy beat is an exciting watch and is guaranteed to push the AV Super Sunshine brand into a new world of dance beats and electric music. Intermixing some of the same concepts and visuals from the original video, this video is a perfect mix of the haunting unknown and the rush of adrenaline accompanied with a good dance session.