AV Super Sunshine – I Am Alien


AV Super Sunshine – I Am Alien: By now, we all know that AV Super Sunshine does things a little bit differently than most artists. He’s not afraid to challenge conventional trends, instead opting to follow his well honed instincts. His newest single, “I Am Alien,” is a simultaneously challenging and rewarding song that finds his rock roots infused with a percussive, funky groove setting the tone.

On his new album, Bass Face, AV Super Sunshine enlisted the talents of legendary producer and artist Michael Bradford to man the console. Bradford’s unique background in the rock, R&B, and pop worlds can all be heard on this new batch of tunes. He’s helped AV see more than just a rock audience for his music, and guided the songs into a new territory. Still a rock record at heart, it’s like a chef putting his own take on an already delicious recipe

It’s not just in his music where AV Super Sunshine is willing take chances. For the new “I Am Alien” video, AV and director Jared Sagal have ditched the safe confines of the indoor studio and taken their teamwork outdoors… To the desert of Roswell, New Mexico. Home of the legendary and secretive Area 51, the area is well known for having a zero tolerance policy of those looking to breach the borders of the grounds.