Autorub – QAnon and on and on

“QAnon and on and on” is the second single from the new concept EP “America The Sick” by Autorub. Fans of EDM, vocoders, and yes SpeaknSpell will no doubt appreciate this track.

“QAnon and on and on” offers a fun, danceable and humorous take on the QAnon phenomenon. The track features everything from letter Q repetition by vocoder and SpeaknSpell, to lush vocal harmonies in the verses, to a hard hitting, memorable and melodic chorus.

Lyrically, the song weaves many of the popular tenets of QAnon into rhyming poetry (i.e. “Listen to the Mockingbird’s call, where we go one we go all.”) At the bridge section, no spoilers here, they quite humorously highlight some of the outlandish beliefs that are in direct conflict with one of QAnon’s biggest supporters.

In all, the song takes the listener on a clever and entertaining sonic adventure. Though it deals with a highly political entity, it does so without taking any hard stances, or taking itself too seriously.