Autorub – Miss Mace 432hz

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Miss Mace 432hz’ by Autorub

Autorub is back again, this time with the new mini-EP (2 songs) “The Miss Mace Mixes (432hz)” dropping just in time for Memorial Day weekend, 2024! Based out of NY, Autorub offers up a fun mix of modern and classic sounds in multiple genres, coupled with smart, sarcastic political humor. Their sound is commercial-friendly, polished but also raw and rebellious. Their material is refreshingly full of substance both musically and lyrically.
Autorub is led by multi-instrumentalist Michael Corn. Corn, a former member of the post-grunge band ‘Sammy’ [Geffen], and the critically acclaimed ‘Heydevils,’ continues to compose relevant, catchy and just plain fun songs. Corn also composed for popular TV shows like “Pawn Stars,” “Wahlburgers”, “Duck Dynasty” and “Love and Hip-Hop.”
This round of new Autorub songs brings something extra to the table. Let’s start with the switch to 432hz tuning. “What’s that?” some might ask. Without getting overly technical and too wordy, it’s a slightly lower tuning of the instruments to a frequency that’s known to have healing properties. This was a popular tuning from ancient times all the way until 1939, when it was then standardized at 440hz – which (suspicously) offers no health benefits. There’s not much popular music released in this tuning, so Autorub is leading the charge here!
On to the songs themselves – we have an awesome new rock track – “Miss Mace (432hz)” followed by an EDM remix “EDMace (432hz)” based on sections from the first track. Track one, the extremely catchy and upbeat “Miss Mace (432hz)” is an interesting departure for Autorub genre wise. It is led moreso by the piano than the usual guitars, so it embodies a good dose of the era of singer-songwriters at the piano. Perhaps Elton John, Jackson Browne, solo Lennon or McCartney in the 70s, Queen, Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, or of more recent vintage Ben Folds Five comes to mind. Yet it sounds specifically like none of these artists. It’s extremely melodic, kinda sexy, addictive and has a unique rhythm that moves it along nicely. It’s also quite epic as it builds to a dramatic ending – somewhat unusual for pop music. Calling a spade a spade here – this is a hit song if I’ve ever heard one!
Track two “EDMace (432hz)” is another extremely fun and dyanmic track! It takes a musical theme from Miss Mace (432hz), and fuses it with EDM beats and hard rock guitars and drums. It effortlessly mixes in more genres like trip-hop and rockabilly elements, and features the Vocoder which also plays a smaller role in the first song. All in all this is a fun little adventure to listen to that sounds like maybe Beck got together with Trent Reznor and Daft Punk.

We hope you enjoy this new crop of songs as much as we did making them!

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