Austin Chatfield – Take It Slow

Austin Chatfield - Take It Slow

Austin Chatfield presents: Take It Slow.

February 2021 – Austin Chatfield, a 17 year old recording artist and songwriter from Frisco Texas who set out to perfect a balanced musical vision, influenced by the modern wave of country music. However, there is so much more to his sound, and each song will surprise you and keep you hooked from the moment you hit the play button. Need proof? Simply check out Austin’s most recent studio release, “Take It Slow.” This beautiful song is enticingly romantic, and it has a delicate flavor to it. At the same time, the production captures so much warmth and vibe, highlighting this artist’s outstanding charisma and his winning creative personality.

The song has an immersive production, and the aesthetics of the instrumental are just as impressive as the vocal delivery, which happens to be the real star of this arrangement, perfectly capturing all of the passion and creative vision that makes Austin Chatfield’s music so personal and special. Ultimately, one of the best things about “Take It Slow” is the storytelling element of the track, making it so real and relatable.

Find out more about Austin Chatfield, and do not miss out on Take It Slow, which is currently available on your favorite digital music streaming platforms and beyond.