Austin Chatfield – Rendezvous

Austin Chatfield has recently announced a brand new song: Rendezvous

September 2022 – Austin Chatfield is only 18 years old. Still, the quality, cohesiveness and passion that drives his music is truly off the charts. The Texas songwriter has developed a unique sound, not only based on his experiences as a musician, but also garnering a new following due to his diverse set of skills.

This includes acting and modeling, two activities that allowed Austin to further expand his reach! His most recent release, Rendezvous, is a fantastic taste of what this article is all about. Rendezvous features a catchy modern vibe, and it offers a huge sound with relatable melodies and earnest lyrics.

Austin is arguably a gifted instrumentalist: his piano and guitar chops are on point, and also inform his ability to write amazing musical parts to accompany his vocals. This new release by Austin is definitely something for you if you like artists such as Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan, or Chase Rice, only to mention a few. Austin brings a lot of heart to his sound, and “Rendezvous” is a perfect example of that.

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