Ariel Miranda – Thoughts

Ariel Miranda - Thoughts

Ariel Miranda proudly presenting her exciting new single, ‘Thoughts’

Ariel Miranda is a 16 year old up and coming alternative pop artist from Tucson, Arizona. She began playing acoustic guitar at age 7 and received an electric guitar with an amp for her 8th birthday. She plugged in a mic to her amp and hasn’t put it down since. She also plays piano and ukulele. Ariel has a very strong passion for writing music. Every original song she sings is written by her. She has a special connection to every song because in one way or another, it relates back to her. When people hear her music and words, she hopes they can relate and connect to it in some way. She hopes they can feel the music and emotion that’s there. Music isn’t just something Ariel does, she lives her life through music.

Late one night, she found herself unable to fall asleep. All these problems, fears, and doubts filled her mind, so to work out what she was feeling, she put it all down on paper, which is how “Thoughts” was born. It’s a song about the worries that often appear within a relationship and the uncertainties that tend to fill one’s mind. It also talks about trying to deal with these problems within yourself, trying to find a way to get rid of them without creating even more issues.

Produced by Steven Lee Tracy and Celeste Amadee
Engineered and mixed by Steven Lee Tracy at Landmark Studios, Tucson, AZ and Saint Cecilia Studios, Portland, OR
Mastered by Adam Boose at Cauliflower Audio