Archer Fleck – In Your Eyes ft. Jolie

Archer Fleck presents: In Your Eyes (featuring Jolie)

January 2023 – Archer Fleck is an artist with a focus on combining earnest electronic music production aesthetics with the timeless groove of Drum & Bass.

Recently, he teamed up with Jolie to release a new single titled “In Your Eyes.” The melodic, energetic and diverse flow of the composition suits the personality of both artists to perfection, leading to a truly stunning and one-of-a-kind edge.

The production has a true wall of sound on tap, while the vocals bring in a melodic edge that adds to the appeal of the composition and the emotional impact of the track.

Archer’s production value is on point, and “In Your Eyes” is a great introduction to his musical craft.

This is definitely for you if you enjoy the sound of artists as diverse as Netsky, Yume, Sub Focus, Rudimental, ShockOne or Illenium, only to mention a few!