Andyva Music – Sexclusive feat. Dorona Alberti

Andyva Music – Sexclusive feat. Dorona Alberti:

Andyva Music (Andy van Amelrooy – 3/20/1991) is a producer, writer and singer from the Hague, The Netherlands. He started out singing in bars when he was in his studies and living in Amsterdam. Here his voice got discovered. Andy started making demos of own songs, and got in contact with UK producer Johnny Douglas (George Michael, Kylie Minogue, All Saints).

In June 2017 his debut single ‘Sexclusive’ got released. A song about today’s modern ‘dating app’ society. ‘Sexclusive’ had it’s radio debut on Trend City Radio – Los Angeles, where it immediately entered the Top 25 at the station. He also shot a music video with his own company, wich you can find on . ‘Sexclusive’ is a musical tribute to Andy’s favorites as George Michael, TOTO and Dutch jazz band Gare du Nord.

Andy calles Dorona Alberti, the lead vocalist of Blue Note: Gare du Nord and asked her to make a duet version of ‘Exclusive’. This version got released on the 12th of July with a revised version of the music video.
‘Sexclusive’ is available worldwide via all major music platforms as Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and Amazon.