And The Story Goes – And The Story Goes

And The Story Goes - And The Story Goes

And the Story Goes (ATSG) bring to us their brand new self-titled album.

Can punk rock be an intimate medium for personal storytelling and honest songwriting? If you ask And the Story Goes, aka Atsg, it sure can!

Hailing from Aurora, IL, the band is heavily inspired by acts such as La Dispute, Blink-182 or Anti-Flag, meaning that they alternate larger-than-life punk rock grit, with memorable pop-inspired melodies, as well as insightful lyrics that touch a wide variety of subjects, from the depths and introspection of individualistic issues, to toughest and observations related to the world around the band.

With a potent combination of energy, melodies and gripping lyrics, the band’s music can truly resonate with the audience.

The group’s self-titled album release is a fantastic expression of the band’s kaleidoscopic attitude and their ability to use punk as a common ground for several other influences to creep in.

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