All We All Are – Committee for the Insane

ArtistRack brings to you ‘Committee for the Insane’ by All We All Are

The moniker “All We All Are,” is a homage to music’s communal fabric, drawing from childhood sounds to global rhythms. In my studio, I blend hardware synths and software, infusing electronica, tech-house, and dance music with poetic lyrics. I craft melodies and lyrics, collaborating globally to breathe life into my compositions. Humanity echoes through my electronic creations, infusing soulful narratives into each track. My lyrics reflect personal growth, from troubled youth to present reflections, aiming to capture diverse human experiences. Blending genres and embracing diversity, I have recently released an EP titled ” Insane Disco Sky of the Moon”. My journey is both personal and collective. As “All We All Are,” I invite listeners to explore our interconnectedness through music.