Alexandra Harley – Devil’s Love

Alexandra Harley proudly presents her exciting new hit single, ‘Devil’s Love’

Alexandra Harley is a 24 year old singer songwriter from a small beach town in New Jersey.
Home is a very big part of her soulful, energetic vibe. She translates her experience into music which becomes timeless.

Alex creates a beautiful fusion, pairing blissful dream pop with melancholy ideas.
Her bright, sun soaked sound has you weaving from bouncy tunes to softer moments with ease.

Alex’s unique sound and passionate story telling has attracted a diverse following of all ages. She finds comfort and inspiration in music and hopes to affect those with her own.

When Devil’s Love was written, it was first about a relationship with a guy and How I was brought down and manipulated.
But now as time has gone one, the song also references my anxiety and the feelings and emotions I go through. It’s a very intense and powerful song, and I hope to affect those listening.