Alexander Newbomb – Have a Corona

Alexander Newbomb presents: Have a Corona

September 2021 – Like many artists and songwriters out there, Alexander Newbomb was deeply affected by everything that has been happening in the world throughout the past couple of years. We have all experienced an unprecedented time of political and social uncertainty, not to mention the spread of COVID-19 and all the issues and loss of life that it caused. Artists have the amazing power to inspire and offer a new perspective on things, and that’s exactly what happened with Alexander Newbomb, as his recent release, Have a Corona. The song displays the artist’s very insightful songwriting chops and witty lyrical style, as he comments on how people are dealing with the pandemic, whilst reminding everyone to be safe and stay home when possible. This release comes highly recommended to any fan of artists such as The White Stripes, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Francis Moon, The Velvet Underground, Billy Childish, Flamin’ Groovies, only to mention a few! Ultimately, it is always refreshing to hear songs from artists who aren’t afraid to speak up!

Find out more about Alexander Newbomb, and check out “Have a Corona,” which is currently available on the web.