Ajaxbeats – Cro Mag

Ajaxbeats - Cro Mag

Ajaxbeats is back on the scene with a brand new release: Cro Mag.

June 2020 – Ajaxbeats is an artist and producer who sets out to develop a uniquely personal sound, inspired by genres as diverse as EDM, Riddim, and Dubstep and pretty much anything in between. The artist recently released a new single: Cro Mag. The song is a perfect example of the artist’s incredibly diverse range of influences, and more importantly, it is an immediate and catchy song, setting the bar higher in terms of passion and enthusiasm. The song’s textures are intriguing and personal, combining memorable melodies with soothing background textures, which add so much more depth to the sound and feel of the whole song mix.

Ultimately, Ajaxbeats is actually a great calling card for the artist, and it is a great introduction to his sound and vision. When it comes to quality production and plain great music, you really cannot go wrong here. This song is going to be a great match for fans of artists as diverse as Max B, Flying Lotus, and Current Value, and it is highly recommended.

Find out more about Ajaxbeats, and do not miss out on Cro Mag, which is currently available on the web.